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What did you miss out on? Scouting Celebration!

Date: 2nd Oct 2021 Author: Cathy Mollart

Scouting Celebration

Bramble (a leader with Huron Beavers) was one of a team of four who organised the County Scouting Celebration at Wiltshire Scout Centre, Potterne on Saturday 25 September. Over 500 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and family members took part in lots of free activities including tomahawk throwing, a climbing wall, archery, cave bus (yes, really a bus with over 300 feet of caving tunnels inside it!), virtual reality activities, and a huge inflatable assault course.

Several members of the Huron Beaver Colony joined the fun on the day.

Dominic and his little brother Elliott said the tomahawk throwing was the best bit because they liked the challenge and excitement of trying to hit the target … but Nan was the one to hit the bullseye!

Thomas liked the climbing wall and it was exciting because it was so high. He also liked the tomahawk throwing where “you have to throw the angel and stick it on the target”. His big brother Matthew is a Cub but he said “all the activities were challenging my brain and always tested your skills”.

Jacob, one of our newest Beavers, loved the cave bus because he had not experienced anything like it before. He also enjoyed the inflatable assault course and the tomahawk throwing.

Amelia and her sister especially enjoyed the tomahawk throwing because they’d never done it before. They also enjoyed the wood burning (pyrography) – another first for them.

Matthew and his mum (a Cub leader) also had a go at everything and really enjoyed it all.

Jane (Beaver Leader)


A Scouts review of the day

I went on the Cave Bus. There were tight tunnels to crawl through and I had to crawl and stand up at one point. There were bits where you had to go up or go down a level. I went on the climbing wall and I got to the top on my first go.

I did archery and I hit the second red ring and it was the closest one to the bullseye. I also did tomahawk throwing and I didn’t manage to hit the target so Jeff told me to throw a bit

harder and then it hit but didn’t stick in and so I threw it a bit harder again and then it hit the 2nd largest ring.

I did pyrography and wrote my name and drew a car on a keyring. I went on the challenger obstacle course and I beat my sister by at least a minute. It was all very fun!



A Cubs account of the day

It was good to see other scouts face-to-face again. There was so much to do, including virtual reality, axe-throwing, and a cave bus.

The archery was definitely a winner! We were taught how to skilfully draw back the arrow and fire it at the wooden target. There was also a gigantic inflatable, where we had to jump, dodge, and climb the obstacles inside.  I enjoyed it and so did all the other people.

On one side of the field, there was a wood-burning activity. We could burn designs into wooden keyrings, which we could then take home.

The outdoor climbing wall was certainly popular and I loved scaling the side and testing my bravery.

The tomahawk (little axe) instructor was very knowledgeable and he helped me to aim the tomahawk at the target. Even though it was my first time, I enjoyed giving it a go.

The barbecue was brilliant and I want to thank everyone who helped organise the event.






Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls