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OSM Payments

We have written some instructions to guide you through using the payments part of OSM for your section’s events.

The instructions cover the easy option where there is a single payment for an event – however, it will also work for multiple payments (eg. For a deposit + balance).  It can also be set up to charge people different rates – but this does get a little more complex.  

Instructions on how to set up a new payment for an event

These instructions have been written as from a laptop.  You will also be able to do this on a mobile, but the screen layout will be somewhat different.

What do we want to do?How do we do it?Notes
1Log on to OSMVisit: If you don’t have access then complete the contact us form.If you have forgotten your password you can request a reset on the login page.
2Create an eventOn the left-hand side of the screen is a purple menu bar. It should show various menu items, including ‘Members’, ‘Programme’ etc. If it doesn’t then click in the purple bit to expand it.
Click ‘Programme’
Click ‘Your Events’
Click ‘Create Event’ (top right of screen) and work through the tabs.
This asks for the event name, location, dates and so on. It also controls what appears in the parent portal and whether parents can sign their children up for the event. If you need more information on setting up an event then please do ask.
3Create PaymentHaving created the event we now need to create payment information (which we will link to the event later).
Click ‘Back’ in the purple area to get to the main menu
Click ‘Section Admin’
Click ‘Online Payments’
Click ‘<section name> Events’
Click ‘Payments’
Click ‘Add Payment’
This prompts for a name (use a name related to the event), due date and amount.
NOTE: The money will arrive in the 1st Highworth bank account about 10 days after the due date. If you want it by 10th, set the due date to 1st.
NOTE: When thinking about the amount to charge do consider:-
1. The cost of the event (including consumables such as gas)
2. OSM/GoCardless charges. Use the OSM Payment Calculator to work out the correct amount.
3. A minibus donation… it isn’t free!
4Link the Payment to the EventClick ‘Back’ in the purple area to get to the main menu
Click ‘Programme’
Click ‘Your Events’
Click ‘<your event>’
Click ‘Add Payment’ (top centre right of screen)
Select schedule and payment details (see Notes)
Click ‘Save’
In Schedule select ‘<section name> Events’.
In Payment select the payment you have just created.
At this stage, there are no selected attendees so the ‘Add to existing attendees’ checkbox makes no difference.
NB if you are adding payments after members have been invited to an event, and members have already said they will attend then they get an email immediately if this box is ticked.
5Invite preparationThe last column is the name of the payment linked in the previous section.
Now set anyone (normally leaders) who you don’t want to receive payment requests to Manual as shown above.
Mark leaders as manual in payments column – so they won’t get asked to set up a direct debit.
6InviteInvite whoever you want by either selecting individuals or using the options under the select button (top centre of the screen).Selection immediately triggers the sending of an invite email. You can see what has been sent by going to the main menu, Section Admin, Email Delivery Reports.
7Parents Accept InviteNo action required.
A payment request will be sent automatically.
See emails as above.
8Invite RemindersNo action required.
If invitation reminders were enabled when creating the event then anyone invited who has not responded will receive a reminder.
Typically these are sent every 3 or 5 days (frequency set elsewhere in the system).
9Parents set up DDNo action required.
On the payment ‘Due Date’ set when the payment was created the payment will be initiated by OSM/GoCardless.
Note that it takes 10 days before the payment arrives in our bank account. You can see the progress of the payment request by looking at the event and clicking Members (2nd column menu option).
10Payment RemindersNo action required.
If the direct debit hasn’t been set up then every few days a reminder will be sent.
Typically this is 3 or 5 days and is configurable elsewhere in the system. It should be left at either 3 or 5 days as it is also used for Subs payments.
11Check PaymentsTo see the progress of payments:-
From the main menu:-
Click ‘Programme’
Click ‘Your Events’
Click ‘<your event>’
Click ‘Section Admin’
Click ‘Online Payments’
Click ‘<Section Name> Events’
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