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Scarecrow Trail 2024

Date: 29th Apr 2024 Author: Website Admin

Despicable Me

The Annual 1st Highworth Scouts Easter Scarecrow Trail was held between Saturday 1st April to Sunday 16th April on the theme of “Animated Film”.

Many thanks to everyone that provided a Scarecrow to make the Easter Scarecrow trail possible. In particular, Visit Highworth, The Saracens Head and Allen & Harris for selling the trail maps. In addition, the Scouts would also like to thank: Print Clever for printing the trail sheets for free; and Andrews Quality Meats, Highworth Emporium, The Highworth, Bloomfields and Weigh it Up for donating the prizes.

The Scarecrow Trail is organised by 1st Highworth Scouts with all

funds raised going to support the beavers, cubs and scouts of Highworth, this year we managed to raise over £500.

The prize for most popular scarecrow, as voted by people taking part, was for Despicable Me. All the answers are below this report and you can remind yourself of the scarecrows in our 2024 scarecrows photo gallery which can be seen at

The winners for 2024 are:

  • 1st place – Carolyn J
  • 2nd place – Zoe S
  • 3rd place – Ophelia Y
  • Best scarecrow – 5 (Despicable Me) – Heather L
  • Draw from the rest – The Barbers

Finally thank you to everyone who took part, I hope you enjoyed it. We will be back next Easter with a new theme.


  1. Emoji Movie (Southfield School)
  2. Elemental (Kings Avenue)
  3. Beauty and the Beast (Highworth Library)
  4. Lego Movie (The Paddocks)
  5. Despicable Me (The Willows)
  6. Snow White (The Willows)
  7. HOME (Priory Green)
  8. The Sea Beast (Biddel Springs)
  9. WALL-E (Biddel Springs)
  10. Corpse Bride (Spa Close)
  11. Cars (Wessex Way)
  12. (14).  The BFG (Sevenfields)
  13. (12).  Lady and the Tramp (Sevenfields)
  14. (13).  Curious George (Sevenfields)
  15. The Nightmare before Christmas (Queens Ave)
  16. Aladdin (The Dormers)
  17. Luca (The Dormers)
  18. Popeye (Hillier Funeral Service)
  19. Fantasia (Westrop)
  20. Over the Hedge (Westrop)
  21. Migration (Coffin Close)
  22. Lilo & Stitch (Quarry Crescent)
  23. Finding Nemo (Postbox by Tesco Express)
  24. Coco (Tesco Express)
  25. Lion King (Lions Shop)
  26. Up (Oak Drive)
  27. Encanto (Oak Drive)
  28. My Neighbour Totoro (Cricklade Rd)
  29. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Andrews Butchers
  30. Happy Feet (Sue Ryder & Sheep St
  31. Batman & Robin / Team Titan Go!(High St)
  32. Ice Age (High St)
  33. Red Riding Hood / Hoodwinked(High St)
  34. The Little Mermaid (High St)
  35. The Simpsons Movie (High St)
  36. Moana (High St)
  37. Surfs Up (High St)
  38. Ratatouille (High St)
  39. Toy Story (High St)
  40. The Bee Movie (High St)
  41. Treasure Planet (High St)
  42. Frozen (High St)
  43. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (High St)
  44. Madagascar (Sheep St)
  45. Dumbo (Sheep St)
  46. Spongebob (High St)
  47. Supermario Brothers (High St)
  48. Tangled (High St)
  49. Shark Tale (High St)
  50. The Smurfs (High St)
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