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Scarecrow Trail 2019

Date: 29th Apr 2019 Author: Matt

The Sun has gone, Easter is over for another year – but that only means the results of our 2019 Scarecrow trail are here!

#32 – Bill Sykes

Having sold around 350 entries, 2019 has been one of our busiest trails that we’ve ever organised! Many thanks to everyone who took part as well as those who made and/or displayed scarecrows, sold the trail sheets and donated prizes!  Your support means we have raised nearly £900 for Scouting in Highworth – which is our most successful year yet!

Below are all the correct answers. How many did you get right? You can see all of the entries in our gallery (for your ease – they are in numerical order).

  1. Mabel Stranks (Hanleys estate agents)
  2. Mahatma Gandhi (Haines & Smith opticians)
  3. SuperTed (Dandelion Financial)
  4. The Brown brothers (Coventry Building Society)
  5. Don Quixote (Allen & Harris)
  6. Sweeney Todd (Highworth Physio)
  7. Voldemort (The Old Bakery)
  8. Rex (Reginald) Warneford VC (Highworth Hardware)
  9. Horatio Nelson (also accept Napoleon and/or Duke of Wellington) (The Saracens)
  10. Cadburys Heroes (T T Linnet)
  11. Superman (T A Reed)
  12. Gru (Priory Green)
  13. Batman and Robin (Priory Green)
  14. Florence Nightingale (Priory Green)
  15. Emmeline Pankhurst (Priory Green)
  16. Elvis Presley (Priory Green)
  17. Harry Kane (Priory Green)
  18. Rock Hudson (Priory Green)
  19. Stinky Pete, the old prospector (Toy Story) (The Willows)
  20. Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf (The Willows)
  21. Anne of Green Gables (Wessex Way)
  22. Bananaman (Sevenfields)
  23. Groot (Knowlands)
  24. Jack-Jack (Queens Avenue)
  25. Not displayed
  26. Jawa (Queens Avenue)
  27. The Flash (Fitzgerold Avenue)
  28. Captain Underpants (Fitzgerold Avenue)
  29. Megamind (Bute Close)
  30. The Joker (Bute Close)
  31. Dorothy and the Wicked Witch (Rivers Way)
  32. Bill Sykes (Rivers Way)
  33. Super Tato and the Evil Pea (Highworth Preschool)
  34. Super Daisy (Westrop Nursery)
  35. Catboy (Brookfield)
  36. Darth Vader (Coffin Close)
  37. Maui (Coffin Close)
  38. David and Goliath (Methodist Church)
  39. Paw Patrol (Stapleton Close)
  40. Amy Johnson (Cricklade Road)
  41. Rosa Parks (Oak Drive)
  42. Ada Lovelace (Oak Drive)
  43. Ursula (The Little Mermaid) (The Elms)
  44. The Penguin (Spar/Shell garage)
  45. Woody (Toy Story) (Scout hall)
  46. Professor Umbridge (Eastrop)

Stay tuned for updates about our next Scarecrow trail!

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls