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Left or Right?? – That is the question!

Date: 5th Nov 2022 Author: Cathy Mollart


On the 15th-16th of October six scouts from Northview set off on an expedition on the Cotswold way. Not knowing what was to come, our challenge was to hike without adults except to meet up at checkpoints. We had checkpoints to get to, but on the first day of exploring we struggled to get to the first checkpoint going straight past it and ending up a mile or so away.

Once we got to the original checkpoint we carried on to the next one but got confused at a Y junction, we carried on to the right not knowing we should have gone left. We eventually got onto the driveway of a farmer. We were pretty confused and ended up calling our leaders for help. After 20 or so minutes we ended up on the bus being taken to our new checkpoint where we were originally meant to be at.

We continued on our route going past the checkpoints admiring the lovely views so much that we were completely lost from the route. We back-tracked and got to camp putting up tents in the dark. Then we decided to have our dinner which was boil in the bags/ration packs for everyone. In the morning we had boil in the bag English breakfast which was delicious!

So we packed our bags and it was off to our second day of the expedition. We set off to go to our first checkpoint. We actually got to the first checkpoint hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!! We must have been improving as we got to the second checkpoint after walking through a golf course and wondering why people were waving at us, luckily a very kind golfer escorted us across the course safely. We thought we could get to the third checkpoint but our lefts and rights got muddled again! After much going around in circles we were rescued by our leaders again!

What I enjoyed most about this expedition was the laughter and the independence and making great friends for life. We all decided we need to improve on our lefts and rights, and our map reading skills!


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls