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Can you name four animals whose milk is used to make cheese?

Date: 18th Jun 2017 Author: Scout Websites
On Friday 9 June, Huron Beavers took a trip to Swindon’s Tesco Extra for a ‘Farm to Fork’ meeting.

Farm to Fork trails are run by Tesco staff as part of their ‘Eat Happy Project’, which aims to encourage healthy eating, as well as teaching children about where food comes from, and how it is made.

Our Tesco guides Barry and Jo took us to see some of the ‘behind the scenes’ areas, including into the fridge and the freezer (-22°!); then to see a pizza being made on the pizza counter, and to the cheese aisle, where we learned about how cheese is made, including how they inject the mould into blue cheese.

Finally, the Beavers went on a hunt around the Fruit and Vegetable section to find foods from different countries – the only country they were given and didn’t manage to find anything from was Mexico (which turned out to be some grapes!). The evening finished with all the Beavers being given special Farm to Fork badges to wear on their uniform, and being scored 9.7 out of 10 for behaviour and involvement by Barry! We all had a great time learning about where our food comes from, and will certainly be going back again in the future!

Answer: cow, goat, sheep … and buffalo!

Farm to Fork visit

The badge we were all given


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